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Prestapp is a Spin-Off of Galvintec, technology consultancy of the parent company Grupo Alvariño.

Thanks to the trajectory of the group to which we belong and its innovative nature, Prestapp becomes a firm commitment to the development of a quality product that arises from the need detected among the many accounts that make up the Galvintec Prestashop portfolio, and is that of reaching its users in a more direct and personalized way, that last mile that from the web-browser format was difficult or impossible.

But Prestapp was not born now, but it did so in 2019, since for two years we have had a previous version as a pilot test to validate its acceptance in the market. Since January 2021 and given the great acceptance it had, we got down to work to reach the following milestones:

Development of the new Prestapp based on leading programming languages ​​and a solid architecture.

Scalability tests that allow absorbing a large volume of traffic thinking of large campaigns.

Provide more functionality to the new Prestapp and conceive it under an agile framework to repeatedly improve it.

You can check our Roadmap at the following link.

Currently, the Prestapp team is made up of 10 professionals who day by day give shape to all the improvement proposals that we detect in our clients or that you send us through the page that we put at your disposal so that you can provide us with suggestions.

And how could it be otherwise, we show off our origin, Prestapp is developed from Vigo. (Galicia, Spain)

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