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— Prestapp features

Discover all the features of Prestapp and turn your Prestashop into a native app with the most top functionalities.

Prestapp is tested to work correctly with versions 1.6 and 1.7 of prestashop

In Prestapp you can build your cover as you like thanks to the options offered by our app management Dashboard.


Cover section options:

  • A single image or a gallery of images
  • Carousels of products of the category or categories you want
  • Show the content of one or more CMS pages of your Prestashop

All these sections can be updated in a very intuitive way and in real time from the dashboard that we will provide you with.

As we know that you may want to have a different menu in your app than the one you use in your Prestashop, from the dashboard you can create a custom menu for your app. Options:


  • Link to categories
  • Link to products
  • Link to CMS pages
  • Custom links (be careful, they will remove your user from the app)
  • Up to three levels deep

The jewel in the crown of any app and surely the functionality to which you will give the most utility, your push notifications.

Go to your email inbox and see how many emails you receive daily … why don’t you look at even half of the promotional emails? Well, that happens to your customers too.

Now imagine that you, as a customer, receive a notification on your smartphone with an attractive slogan and useful content, do you see the difference in the more direct and personalized impact you generate on your user?

For this simple reason alone, push notifications become an optimal method of communication with your customers and generate a higher conversion rate on your online platforms by not entering how much you will save on a mailing platform.

In addition, you can report changes in order status in real time, your customers will surely appreciate it.

How could it be otherwise, Prestapp is ready to integrate with the most widespread analytics platform, Google Analytics, so you can have the statistics of your eCommerce and your app in the same account.

We synchronize:


  • Name
  • Images
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Stock
  • Taxes (21% Spain)
  • Categories
  • Combinations
  • Special prices (discounts)


We do not synchronize, although we already have it in our backlog:

  • Features
  • Related Products
  • Reference
  • Taxes other than 21% Spain
  • Customized shipping options by product
  • Documents attached to the product

We synchronize with Prestapp:


  • Your active categories in Prestashop will be available on your dashboard so that you can link them in the menu creator module.

We do not synchronize, although we do contemplate it in our backlog for the next versions:

  • Description field
  • Category image
  • Category visibility management by user group

We synchronize with Prestapp:


  • Attributes
  • Attribute values

These values are present in:

  • In the product file since through them the combinations of the products are generated and the user must select them.
  • In the search engine filters and categories.

We do not synchronize with Prestapp, at the moment, the characteristics of the products.
Synchronizing with Prestapp is in our backlog and as a priority:


  • Features
  • Characteristic values

These values will be present in:

  • In the search engine filters and categories to be able to filter by them.
  • Visible in the product sheet.

We synchronize with Prestapp:


  • Active brands
  • Brand name

We do not sync with Prestapp:

  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Logo

At the moment, we do not synchronize the Providers with Prestapp.

At the moment, we do not synchronize the attachments with Prestapp.

We synchronize the stock of your prestashop products, either the stock by product in global as the stock by combinations.

Additional enhancements

evolving app

If for your Prestapp you consider that any of the functionalities that we have not yet developed is essential, do not hesitate to contact us so we can tell you the estimated development date.

Prestapp is an evolutionary product, week by week we are improving it, both structurally and adding new functionalities, which allows you to have an improved product over time without costs additional.

More info

Prestapp synchronizes the orders placed with Prestashop and vice versa.

Prestapp does not generate invoices, this function is performed by Prestashop.

At the moment, the functionality of saving the abandoned carts of Prestapp is not developed, although it is in our point of view.

Prestapp synchronizes customers’ addresses with Prestashop.

Prestapp synchronizes with Prestashop and vice versa, customer accounts.

At the moment this functionality is not developed, although it is in our sights.

At the moment, the functionality of generating a return from Prestapp is not developed. We know the importance of it and it is one of our priorities in development.

Prestapp takes the configured and active carriers from Prestashop.

Prestapp takes the configured and active payment methods from Prestashop. Currently with Prestapp the following payment methods are valid:


  • Stripe (Virtual POS)
  • PayPal

Prestapp takes the configured and active tax rules from Prestashop.

Prestapp takes the configured and active zones, countries, provinces from Prestashop.

Prestapp is currently available in Spanish

We are working to make it available very soon in: English, French, Portuguese.

Prestrapp takes the active CMS pages from Prestrashop.


The way to view the CMS pages in Prestrapp is:

  • Adding them as a content block in the app’s cover creator module.
  • Adding a link to the CMS page from the menu creator module and therefore, the user, when clicking on it, the information of said page would appear.

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