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Discover Prestapp for your online store!

Exploit the full potential of your Prestashop!

Prestapp is a service for creating native apps synchronized with your Prestashop online store. Thanks to this service, our clients offer their users the possibility of having their favorite online stores on their Smartphone, increase the conversion ratio , launch notices change of status of order , send push notifications and all the advantages that an app offers!

In addition, Prestapp is based on a solid architecture and programming languages that allow a high absorption of traffic, which makes it the perfect support to launch large campaigns without affecting its speed.

Hey! Prestapp is not a builder of applications (PWA) that work on the web browser, our service creates a native application and we provide our clients with all the advantages of them, such as, for example, something as advantageous as push notifications, geolocation, etc.

And in case you’re wondering, Prestapp is designed for both IOS and Android 🙂


Let’s go to hell, what is the process we follow?

We include in all our plans the publication by our team on iOS and Android

Customer registration

Register on our platform and tell us the information we request to know your project.

Contact and advice

Our technical team will contact you to validate the data and request the necessary material.

We create your prestapp

Once all the necessary material has been received, it is time to create your new application for iOS and Android.

Check and validate

We give you the beta of your new app for you to review and validate it to go to publication.

Markets publication

Once validated, we go to publication in both the Apple Store and the Google Store, this process can take 2 or 3 days.




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